Deep Thoughts with Nicky Buckel

Deep Thoughts with Nicky Buckel

Freshman swimmer Nicky Buckel (New Orleans, La./Holy Cross) will use this space to cronicle the journey through his first-year of college both in and out of the pool.  Check back all season as Buckel shares his personal thoughts on a wide array of topics. 

Older and Wiser - A Freshman No More... (5/3/12)

Hi everyone and welcome back to Deep Thoughts. I am so terribly sorry that it has been so long in between posts! With the semester winding down, it has been hard to get time to sit and think deeply, but now that I do have the time to think deeply, I have decided to recap the highlights of freshman year.

When mommy and daddy Buckel abandoned me on the doorstep of Fowler Hall, I was nervous. It wasn’t until I met Coach Rose and Coach Azz that my nerves calmed down. Now I was and still am scared of Coach Rose. When I first saw her in August she was looking extra crispy from Florida and it scared me. Then there was Coach Azz standing there looking all shy next to her and at that moment I knew that he would be at the end of my wrath. Coach Azz doesn’t scare me and it was from that moment on that I began to torment Coach Azz. I did everything from splash him to shaking his seat for a straight three hours in the Storm Van.

After I met the coaches I moved into my room and met my roommate Nick Cozad (don’t even get me started on that guy).  After move in I met the team at the various campus activities going on before class started and I realized that I was with a pretty cool bunch of people. The first couple of weeks of school were fun. I was able to get to know the team more and it was during this period of time that Julian learned English, I discovered that Andy has tiny, tiny arms, Cole stopped driving his car that was NOT fat kid friendly, Ivan became a Saints fan, Casey started to cause problems, Nick Brown started to wear dentures, Lauren got a washing machine, Chelsea forgot about us, and I lost a head butting competition to a Prius. So as you can tell the first couple of weeks were pretty boring.

The rest of the first semester was very routine. We woke up very, very early and swam, we went to class, we swam again, we ate, we went to study tables, then we passed out. The next day we did it all over again. Classes were going well and swimming was consistently getting harder which was good for us. There were only two interesting things to happen during the bulk of the first semester; Julian and I were attacked by Satan the Squirrel and I was almost sprayed by a skunk.

It only felt like a few weeks but the first semester ended and I found myself in Florida with the team on our training trip! That was a blast. We swam in an outdoor pool, we went to the beach, we ate good food, Dave bought his hamsters, and I built an awesome sand castle (which Coach Azz destroyed). I think the highlight of that trip was us burying Coach Azz in sand and leaving him there for a couple of days so he could repent for destroying my master piece.

After Florida we prepared for Conference and Conference was a huge success for our program. Julian and Ivan both qualified for Nationals which was great for them and our coaches. It’s so impressive that if you ever see Julian and Ivan on campus just give them a big hug. Especially Ivan Cizmar, he needs the biggest hug of all because he made All-American at Nationals. Congrats Ivan!!!!

Now throughout the year we had a ton of recruits come to visit. Some stayed the night, some just came for lunch, and others just kept coming back for more! The best part is a number of these recruits signed with the school and will be attending Lake Erie in the fall. To just name a few recruits joining us in the fall we have: Gabe (Green) the Dragon Slayer, Adrienne (Hallett) the Pro Bowler, Janik (Milinkovskyi) the Crazy Ukrainian with his side kick Denis Ferdorchenko who is also a Ukrainian wonder, besties Martha (Ruether) and Jenny (Scholl), Brittany (Funk) from California, Courtney (Freed) from Utah, Michelle (Kinney) from Toledo Ohio, and Kelsey (McCormick) from Marysville Michigan.  We also have Bryce (Wood), Jordan (Krumpelman),  and Christoffer (Likens)- all from good ole Ohio who will be joining the men’s team. Perhaps a few more will join by the time the school year ends, but rest assured if the Deep Thoughts blog is back next semester, you will receive a proper introduction to the freshman.

Well that’s about it for freshman year! Final exams are just around the corner and very soon I will be a sophomore. With finals rolling around and classes finishing up this will be my last Deep Thoughts this year. Maybe with some luck and a can do attitude I’ll be back next year to enlighten the world with my deep thoughts. It’s been a pleasure writing for you and I would like to thank the five of you who continuously read Deep Thoughts! Until next time you stay classy Lake Erie!


A Grrrr-LIAC Success... (2/24/12)

Nicky recaps the 2012 GLIAC Championshps with this video blog. 



Winter Training... (1/31/12)

Hi everybody and welcome back to the first edition of Deep Thoughts of the New Year! It’s been awhile since I’ve written my deep thoughts down and I’m sorry for that. With so much deep thinking my brain needed a break. That break came in the form of winter training. Today’s Deep Thoughts are about Storm Swimming’s winter training trip to Florida and beyond.

Our trip began on a chilly night in the pool of St. Leo University. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the New Year.  As we awaited its arrival, Coach Rose passed us glasses of sparkling apple cider (to help set the mood). As I sat there wondering what the New Year would have in store for me, I heard the voice of my new lane partner, Chelsea Giesen. When I turned and realized it was her, the clock had just struck mid night, it was officially 2012. We smiled to each other and slowly sipped on our sparkling apple cider. As we both sipped away we stared deeply into each other’s eyes, and it was at this very moment, on that cold foggy night, that the “Power Couple” came to be.  That wonderful moment was short lived because coach had us return to our lanes so we could continue practice.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 was the first official day of winter training. That Sunday through Thursday was pretty routine. We woke early and swam a two-hour practice, then ate lunch. We would rest for a few hours then do a dry land/ swim practice for two hours in the evening. After the second practice, we would eat dinner then pass out and get ready for the same thing on the next day. Now I know that it sounds boring, but there were always two things to count on to make the day fun. First is our trip to Wal-Mart and the second was Ivan yelling at Casey for stealing his potato salad!  

Now once Friday came along the trip turned into a lot of fun. On that Friday we had a relay meet against St. Leo, Pfeiffer, and Wheeling Jesuit. It was a close competition but in the end the men’s team was able to defeat Wheeling Jesuit. It was a sweet, sweet victory that required us to celebrate the rest of our time in Florida. That night we went to a boardwalk in Tampa to shop and eat. While shopping, my best friend Dave and I ran into a surf shop. It was here that Dave met his new soul mates - they were hermit crabs. Shaking my head at the purchases I walked to dinner. After I left, Dave checked out and merrily skipped to dinner with his hermit crabs snuggled in his arms. That night we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. While there, Ivan answered all Forrest Gump trivia correctly and the Power Couple ordered the same meal... the Power Couple then left the restaurant still hungry.

The next two days were a billion times easier then the previous days on our trip. That is because we only practiced once on Saturday and Sunday. For the last half of both of those days we went to the beach. At the beach on Saturday the team successfully buried Coach Azz in the sand. We then molded his sand body to match my perfect figure. When it was time to go, Coach Azz was depressed because he couldn’t take his new body back with him, I simply gave him a pat on the back and told him that with some hard work and a solid twinky diet he would one day reach the physical prowess of myself. On Saturday night the team was dining in a local favorite – it was picked for us by Grandpa Mariotti (Coach Kim’s Grandpa). After dinner we went back to the hotel and prepared for another day of adventure. Sunday’s beach trip was a lot more fun then the first. That was mainly because I got to dig an underground cave. It was truly a work of art until the jealous Coach Azz crushed it, along with my hopes and dreams. Soon after that, the team started a pick up game of football. It was during this game that Lauren Menicucci showed us her inner strength and laid out Coach Azz. After the game we packed up and left.

The next day was our travel day; it was time for us to go back to Painesville. So we all gathered our belongings and boarded the plane. Luckily Dave was able to get his hermit crabs on to the plane!  He never would have been the same without them. Overall, our entire trip was a great success!  I can’t wait for next year’s trip. Thanks for stopping by and remember Lake Erie, stay classy!


A Major Food Holiday... (12/5/11)

Hi everybody and welcome back to Deep Thoughts. As all of ya’ll know this is the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a holiday where we’re supposed to give thanks for the things we have- like Storm Swimming. It’s also a major food holiday. Christmas is the same way. A major food holiday is a holiday that is centered on food. I love food; therefore I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only do these holidays mean food, food, and more food; but it also means that it’s time to celebrate the day I popped out of my mommy. It was on Thanksgiving, 19 years ago, that I had my first official deep thought - a truly momentous occasion!

There are only two bad things about the holiday season. Those two things are our belly and our family. Not only do our stomachs fill up before we’re ready to quit eating but our families try to steal leftovers and take the last of the potatoes. Luckily for ya’ll I’m going to teach you how to beat your belly and your family.

When you first wake up on the morning of a major food holiday, it would be wise to go for a nice jog or long bike ride. I personally like to go on a bike ride. But if I want to eat more, I’ll run. Now I know many of us don’t like to run, because I know I don’t want to run. So when I run I wear my special helmet. I wear my helmet not only for protection but for motivation as well.  My helmet has a stick nailed to it with food tied to the end of the stick. I can’t reach the food, therefore I run after it. This technique helps me run longer and faster. It also makes me hungrier because I have to look at food for an hour. Now that the motivational run is over and you’ve put the hard work in, it’s time to prep for the feast.

This is a very critical process for major food holiday preparation. First we must dress for the feast. It’s best to wear a black shirt with black stretchy pants to any type of feast. The reason I wear black is so no one notices all the food that misses my mouth. The reason I wear stretchy pants is to fix the issue of my jeans not fitting after the feast. In the past I wouldn’t be able to button my jeans, so to fix that I started to wear stretchy pants. Once you’re dressed, it would be wise to pack a pillow and blanket. I say this because when I’m done eating my weight in food, I usually like to take a nap. Luckily my grandma always has a fresh supply of pillows and blankets for napping purposes. If your host doesn’t have the correct sleeping supplies, bring your own - it makes your nap 10 times better.

Now that we are dressed for success and packed for naptime, it’s time to stretch. Stretching is crucial to avoid any type of injury during physical activities. I stretch because it’s always a competition for the food in my house. I have to beat my grandpa to the food, fight my dad for the juicy turkey, and outrun my uncles for the leftovers. These activities can cause damage if we’re not stretched properly. Not only will stretching prevent injury, but it will give you an edge over your family members in the battle for food and as you reach across the table.

Now that we’re prepped to eat, it’s time to drive to the feast. It’s always best to be early to the feast. Show up an hour early to start forming the line. Be first. While you’re waiting in line it would be wise to do some jaw exercises. Loosen up your jaw so that it doesn’t give out before you’re done eating. Showing up early also allows you to beat your grandpa to the food and your dad to the turkey. Once you get your food it’s important to eat fast. Eating fast tricks your belly into letting you get more food in then it wants. It’s also important to eat fast so you can beat your uncles to the leftovers.  

Now that the leftovers are secured and you’ve eaten to the point of explosion, it’s time to nap. It’s always the walk to my nap that I notice my jeans no longer fit. Luckily when you make this walk you’ll have your stretchy pants on. With your stretchy pants they’ll stretch with your belly making you feel better. You look down to see that your pants still fit comfortably. After your brief pants check, it’s time for you to relax and get some sleep.

After my nap it’s usually time for round two. Round two is a lot easier because the leftovers should already be in your possession. All you need to do is warm up your leftovers and eat them as your family watches on jealously.  

I hope that these wonderful holiday tips will help you in your journey home for the Christmas celebration.  Thanks for stopping by Lake Erie, stay classy… and stay full!


Meet the Coaches Wolf Pack... (11/15/11)

Hi everybody and welcome back to Deep Thoughts. Today is a very special day; ya’ll will finally get to know the Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack is made up of three very special individuals: Nikki Rose, Mike Azzarello, and Kim Mariotti. Each member of the Wolf Pack is also a coach of the Storm Swimming Program.

The Wolf Pack started almost two years ago as Nikki Rose took her position as head coach. She was a lone wolf all the way from the Ohio Valley. Her only cares in life are Storm swimming and Steelers football. Coach Rose swam for Wheeling Jesuit in college and also coached there for a tiny bit. She has also coached other teams and her coaching career has spanned 10 years! All of her prior experience and knowledge has made Coach Rose the Alpha coach of the Wolf Pack. As a lone coach she built the program. She recruited many fine swimmers and put together a solid team for the future. Coach Rose says that practices will always be harder if the Steelers lose, and that’s unfortunate for us swimmers since the Steelers have been doing that a lot lately. When coach isn’t working hard for our team she is painting her nails and accessorizing her outfits to match her freshly painted nails!

Soon Coach Rose began to get lonely as the lone wolf and decided to bring in another coach. That coach is Coach Kim Mariotti. Coach Kim came to the Wolf Pack from Springfield, Mass. Coach Kim has been swimming since she was a pup at the age of 5! The only reason she is not swimming professionally is because the Olympics frowned upon her snorkel/goggle combo. Because of her initial rejection from the swimming world, Coach Kim decided to master a different sport, basketball. Coach Kim made it all the way to the college level for basketball. Once Coach Kim mastered the art of a jump shot she craved for another challenge. That challenge came in the form of a piano. She quickly mastered the piano and is now on to a new challenge, getting the swimmers in shape! Coach Kim is our team’s strength and conditioning coach. She has been doing an excellent job too. My team has been getting a lot faster and in better shape ever since she joined us.

The two women wolf pack was a lot of fun for the coaches but it was missing something. It was missing a third and final member. Coach Azz came to them all the way from the Moon. Unfortunately it’s not the cool Moon he’s from - the Moon coach Azz is from is the Moon Township in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter where he is from though because he came here with eight years of swimming experience. He specialized in the 400 I.M. (a crazy man’s race). Coach Azz also does a ton of work for the swim team. He takes a lot of work off of coach Rose’s desk and helps her with everything. The best thing about coach Azz is his ability to bust a move on the pool deck. He also likes to show off his dance skills during our dry land workouts. His moves may not be Dancing With the Stars material but I’m sure a video of his moves would get at least 15 likes on You Tube. While coach Azz isn’t working hard for our team or dancing, he can be found on the couch at his best friend’s apartment eating a pint of cookies and cream ice cream and watching The Hangover.

As you can see my coaches are a great group of people. They’re fun to be around and they help make college swimming something unforgettable. I hope ya’ll enjoyed meeting my wonderful coaches. See ya later Lake Erie and remember to stay classy!


Morning Practice... (11/7/11)



And So It Begins... (10/31/11)

Hi everybody and welcome to this week’s installment of Deep Thoughts. This past weekend was really exciting for Storm Athletics, and it was exciting because Lake Erie’s best looking team opened their season on the road! The team I am referring to is of course the swim team. We traveled to the lovely campuses of Urbana and Findlay. Today I am going to tell you about our adventures across Ohio.

Our adventure first started in the Storm Café. We all sat down together as a team and ate.  Shortly following this, we split up into two groups and took our seats in the Storm Swimming Vans. It was at this point that Dave Thieshen began to get pumped! He turned his music up and started to sing and head bang. It didn’t take long for the rest of the team to follow, but we left the singing and head banging to Dave. Once Dave danced his way into position we buckled up and left for Urbana. Quickly into the trip the vans began to feel like saunas. This was merely a minor speed bump in our travels. The heat didn’t slow down Dave either.  Three hours later Dave was shirtless, dancing, head banging, and singing in the back of the Storm Swimming Van.  

Once we arrived at Urbana we were ready to swim and “Do Work”! We quickly found our way to the swimming locker room and got ready for the meet to begin. After warm ups and stretching we talked to Coach Rose and we discussed team strategy. Once the meeting ended it was time to race. Ivan dominated his events blowing all of his opponents out of the water. Julian did the same thing. Lauren and Casey also represented the team well on the women’s side winning all of their races and setting several school records.

After the meet we drove to get some grub. At the restaurant we got to meet Andy and Casey’s lovely families. After dinner the team said a sad good bye to Andy, as she had to go “Do Work” for the Storm golf team. We then headed to our hotel. I had the privilege of rooming with Dave and Nick Brown. As they laid in bed I rolled up into my ball of emotions on the floor and reflected on my performance at the meet. I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to panic in the room! Grandpa Nick Brown let Dave and I oversleep! We quickly gathered our gear and ran down to the lobby, only to discover that we were the only ones down there- well, besides Grandpa Nick Brown and Lauren. Eventually the rest of the team joined us and we ate our breakfast. After eating time was over Coach Rose told us to drop what had happened the previous night and focus on the day and swims ahead, so we did.

We loaded up the vans and we continued our adventure to Findlay. As I took my nap in the van while in-route to Findlay I was awakened by Cole shaking me. As I prepared to unleash my fury on the one who awoke me I realized it was for a good reason, the Amish! There was an Amish family trotting along in front of us and I had never seen the Amish before! I stared in awe, took their picture and quickly fell back into hibernation.

Thirty minutes later we arrived at Findlay. We quickly got lost and asked a foreigner to read the campus map and tell us where to go. We quickly realized we needed to read the map for ourselves and headed to Findlay’s pool. Once there we ventured into the basement to find our locker room. We quickly changed and made our way to the pool. Before warming up we saw this person off in the distance with an LEC sign. That person was none other then Lauren’s own sister!  After warm ups and our brief wave to Lauren’s sister it was time to swim.

Over all it was a good day for the men’s team! We all looked a little better and we felt a little better now that our first meet was out of the way. Ivan and Julian naturally blew all of their opponents out of the water, again. The women were a tad tired for this meet.

After the meet it was finally time for the moment I was waiting for - Subway! The team each had a foot long with their name on it. I fortunately not only had my foot-long but I also stole half to Dave’s foot long, and it was delicious. Once we finished stuffing our faces with foot longs we headed back to the vans for the journey back home. It was a quiet ride until I hit Coach Azz’s seat by accident again and he lost his cool. This was merely another minor speed bump in our adventure as the rest of the ride went rather smoothly.  After three hours of travel we arrived back in little ole Painesville. We ate some Domino’s for dinner as a team and we parted ways.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, Stay Classy Lake Erie.


It's A League Of Nations... (10/25/11)

Hi everybody and welcome back to another Deep Thoughts. Today is the day my teammates have been waiting for: the day they will finally be talked about.  Each swimmer on both the men’s and women’s teams will be introduced, but before I begin introductions I want say a little something about my teammates. Our team is like a family. Each swimmer fills a specific role in this family. We have a grandpa and a mom that keep us together. We have the two foreign cousins who always have us laughing. We even have two aunts. Our family also has those two funny uncles who are always together.  The last members of our family are the 4 innocent children.    

The first person I would like to introduce is the team mother, Casey Wendall. Casey is a sophomore here at Lake Erie. Casey hails from Lafayette, IN and is one of five children. Momma here is by far the loudest person I’ve ever met. She is also the only person I know that looks forward to waking up at the crack of dawn.   Even though Casey is really loud, she’s a good person.   She even acts like a mom: she wakes up early, goes to bed early, is very responsible, and she doesn’t let me buy candy in the check out line at Wal-Mart.

The next family member is of course our grandpa, Nick Brown. Nick is one of our team’s seniors; he is also the only senior citizen-like person on the team. But don’t let his grandpa type body style fool you; he’s also a pirate! Grandpa also has many hobbies. He likes playing Dungeons and Dragons and he has a strange love for Rachel Ray. Grandpa Nick is the “classy” dresser of the team, which is why we call him Grandpa. The only reason we call him pirate is because, well…he really is a pirate. 

Next up is our beloved aunt who is required to wear a pink safety helmet. This special aunt of ours is Lauren Menicucci. One day Lauren decided to ride her bike away from little ole Reno, Nevada (which is way better then Las Vegas).  When she got tired of riding her bike she had made it all the way to Lake Erie College. Aunty Lauren is a sophomore here at Lake Erie.  What makes Aunty Lauren our aunt is the simple fact that our team needed an aunt and I decided Lauren was the right gal for the job. Now don’t let the little pink helmet fool you! Aunty Lauren is really tough and only wears her helmet so that her honor student brain doesn’t get a boo boo.

Our other aunt is a really good soccer player named Chelsea Giesen. Aunty Chelsea came to us all the way from Grant Pass, Oregon. She is also the team’s other senior. Unfortunately we hardly ever get to see Aunty Chelsea these days, but that’s only because she’s off kicking butt in the female soccer world, representing Storm Soccer! The times we do get to see Aunty Chelsea are great though. The best time that I had with her was at her house when she cooked the team food!   

It’s now time to introduce our two really attached uncles. These uncles are David Theshen and Ryan Maccarone. Uncle Dave is from Pittsburgh and Uncle Ryan is from Canada. Uncle Dave and Uncle Ryan live in Uncle Ryan’s igloo. They also have a pet beaver that currently lives in Canada with Uncle Ryan’s parents.  Since they can’t keep Ryan’s pet on campus, they just hug each other when one of them gets lonely. Even though they’re always together they are great guys and would do anything to help out. Just don’t accept any present from Uncle Ryan, they are usually pretty bad.

The next members of our family are the 4 innocent children. The children are Nikolas Garcia, Cole Leonberg, Andy Armstrong and I (Nicky Buckel). Andy is the only girl of the children and she is from Troy, Ohio.  Andy is by far the nicest of all the children. She is also very athletic, she’s played football, golf, and she swims. If it weren’t for her hip she would still be on the football field kicking butt and taking names. Now she just puts all of her tackling power into her fingers and pinches me whenever I make a funny. Andy’s best pal inside our swimming family is Cole Leonberg. Cole is from Pittsburgh and is the baby of the family. Cole, like Andy, also played football. The only difference is Andy had to quit football due to injury; Cole quit because he kept getting beat up. Cole and Andy may be best friends, but they can’t live together. Cole instead lives with his bro, Nikolas Garcia. Garcia is a feisty little guy from Saginaw, Michigan. Garcia is by far the most talented of our family. He rides motorcycles, snowboards, and he’s even a mechanic. Garcia even admitted to me that he is really good at landscaping! Everyday we’re with him we discover a new hidden talent. The last of the children is I, Nicky Buckel. There’s not much to say about him except he’s incredibly smart, athletic, and beautiful.  

The last members of our family are the two foreign cousins that we all love. Ivan Cizmar and Julius Milinkovskiy. Ivan is from Croatia and Julian is from Ukraine. These foreigners are really fun to hang out with and they’re also really funny. Ivan is really smart in math, but his favorite thing to do is write papers in English. Julian’s favorite things to do are to take pictures of everything and play zombies. Since they’re from other countries they’ve had to learn the two basic functions of Americans. I taught them both concepts; the first was how to play football and the second was how to eat a cupcake. Julian had never played football so I showed him the art of throwing and catching a football. Ivan had never eaten a cupcake so I also taught him some of my techniques. Now that they have those two basic yet important abilities they are truly Americanized.

If ya’ll see any of my family members around campus please say hi for me! I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and remember Lake Erie, you stay classy!!


If You Draw It They Will Come... (10/13/11)

Hi everybody and welcome to Deep Thoughts. I hope ya’ll are ready for this week’s topic. It’s exciting, it’s different, and it’ll teach you something as well. This week’s topic will reveal the answer to the question that everyone keeps asking me and that question is “Nicky, how in the world did you get that amazing 8-pack?” After reading this ya’ll will be walking around campus in style strutting brand new 8-packs, just like me.  It won’t be an easy feat but the rewards are worth the hours and hours of grueling training.

Step one to achieving greatness is planning out a training program and the swim team has done just that. This week we are taking on multiple 6 a.m. “dryland” workouts. Ya’ll don’t need to have that early of a training routine but a good start would be to visit our lovely Wellness Center at least three times a week. Scheduling is the easy part though. The hard part is the actual workout!

To achieve said 8-pack, one must focus their work out around the abdominal region. The swim team’s typical morning workout includes some dynamic stretches to warm up. After the warm up, we move into the main set which is a mixture of circuit training and calisthenics. To warm down we usually jump into the pool and enjoy a mini swim practice for forty five minutes to an hour. To avoid bodily harm we started with easy calisthenics workouts and worked into the tough stuff. I suggest ya’ll do the same or ya’ll will end up having to visit our lovely athletic training staff!  

You should continue to work out until the desired 8-pack is achieved. Then you must continue to work out if you want to keep the 8-pack. After every work out it is vital that you eat. This is the nutrition part of the 8-pack plan(my favorite part). Proper nutrition is crucial to maintaining an 8-pack. Lucky I’m an expert in nutrition. If you wish to keep an 8-pack you must eat everything that I do not eat! I love to eat cookies, cake, candy, and anything that isn’t green or a vegetable. So that means ya’ll should eat your vegetables and stay away from the junk food. This can be very challenging for those of you who are like me. It will take sheer will power to keep from eating the bad stuff!

Once you have worked out and you’ve been properly nourished, it’s time to go to bed. Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy body. It’s important we get at least eight hours of sleep a day. Without sleep our bodies can’t function and if we can’t function our 8-pack will go away.  It takes a lot of energy to carry around the glory of an 8-pack, trust me, I know from personal experience.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed reading how the swim team achieves their toned bodies. The only problem with this is that it takes time and effort to go thru the Storm Swim Team’s workout. Therefore I have used my vast intellectual abilities to discover an easy 60 minute, once a week ab work out that will deliver the same results as the grueling workout the swim team does.  My workout only requires a can-do attitude, a black sharpie, and a steady drawing hand.

Step one of my workout is to place the tip of the sharpie over the spot where you’re abs used to be and draw an 8-pack. This usually takes about 5 minutes. Step 2 of my workout is to stare at your self in the mirror for 55 minutes -55 minutes is required for you to truly soak in all the glory of your new 8-pack.  Now that ya’ll have the Storm Swim team’s method for achieving an 8-pack and my way to an 8-pack, I hope to see more toned bodies in the coming weeks at Lake Erie!

Thank you for stopping by, you stay classy Lake Erie.


MEETING THE MAN... (10/3/11)

Hello everybody and welcome to the first issue of Deep Thoughts with Nicky Buckel, I'm Nicky Buckel and these are my Deep Thoughts. This week’s issue will only be a slight preview of what is yet to come. The thoughts won't be as deep today as I would like, but that’s only because ya'll need to know more about me and my team.

I am a swimmer here at Lake Erie College. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and am 18 years old. I like to hang out and wrestle alligators in my free time, but what I love to do the most is goof off with my three best friends and swim with my team. Some of you may be wondering why some red-neck from the south is all the way up here in North-East Ohio, and that’s actually an easy question to answer. I’m at Lake Erie College because Coach Rose asked me to swim here and I accepted. I may begin to regret my decision once snow starts to fall, but so far it’s great here. The people are nice, the college is pretty sweet, and it’s fun listening to ya’ll complain about the “heat”.

I'm tired of writing about myself so I’m going to shift focus to the real reason I started this blog, my swim team. The swim team this year is made up of eight guys and five girls. This team is un-like any other, it's like the League of Nations. We have a representative from Ukraine, Canada, and Croatia. We also have members on the team from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Oregon, and Nevada. With all of these people coming together from all these different places it makes this team special and unique in its own way, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Ya'll will get to meet this lovely group of young men and ladies in future issues but, let’s move on, shall we?!

Now comes the fun part about this issue. Its time to preview what’s to come in the future releases of Deep Thoughts. There will be written issues once a week with a video issue on the 4th week. The best part is that this blog won’t only be about swimming. It will be about the life of a student-athlete here on campus. I will cover a wide variety of topics in the upcoming weeks of Deep Thoughts.

I also promise that the upcoming issues won't be as boring as this intro piece! There will be pictures with every issue and every topic will be interesting!

Thank you for stopping by and listening to my deep thoughts, you stay classy Lake Erie!!