Drug Testing and Awareness

Drug testing of student-athletes is year-round. The NCAA conducts random drug testing of substances found on the "Banned Drug Classes" list. Student-athletes are encouraged to communicate any and all substances that they ingest with their athletic trainers as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, all nutritional supplements carry some risk of containing an NCAA banned substance because they're not well regulated and may be contaminated. Failure to inquire with your Sports Medicine staff prior to supplement use could result in a positive drug test.

REMEMBER, you, the student-athlete are ultimately responsible for everything you put into your body. Accidents do happen and penalties can be extremely severe, so be sure to check with the appropriate medical staff before any supplement or other drug use.

  • Failure to report for testing will result in a positive test and the same consequences will apply

NCAA Consequence for a Positive Drug Test

Student-athletes who tests positive for a substance belonging to a banned drug class shall be declared ineligible for further participation in postseason and regular-season competition in accordance with the ineligibility provisions in Bylaw The certifying institution may appeal to NCAA Competitive Safeguards Committee.

A student-athlete who tests positive in accordance with the testing methods authorized by the Executive Committee shall be charged with the loss of a minimum of one season of competition in all sports and shall remain ineligible for a period of one calendar year (365 days).

If a student-athlete, who tested positive for any drug other than a "street drug" as defined in Bylaw, tests positive a second time for the use of any drug, other than a "street drug", he or she shall lose all remaining regular-season and postseason eligibility in all sports. If the student-athlete tests positive a second time for the use of a "street drug", he or she shall be charged with the loss of a minimum of one additional season of competition in all sports and also shall remain ineligible for regular-season and postseason competition at least through the next calendar year.

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