Sportsmanship/Ethical Conduct

Ethical Conduct

Student-athletes, department personnel and those individuals that work with intercollegiate athletics at our institution are expected to act in a manner that is consistent with Lake Erie College integrity, values and NCAA standards involving honesty and sportsmanship. Unethical conduct by a prospective or enrolled student-athlete may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Refusal to furnish information relevant to an investigation of a possible violation of an NCAA regulation when requested to do so by the NCAA or the individual's institution;
  • Knowing involvement in offering or providing a prospective or an enrolled student-athlete an improper inducement or extra benefit or improper financial aid;
  • Knowingly furnishing or knowingly influencing others to furnish the NCAA or the individual's institution false or misleading information concerning an individual's involvement in or knowledge of matters relevant to a possible violation of an NCAA regulation;
  • Receipt of benefits by an institutional staff member for facilitating or arranging a meeting between a student-athlete and an agent, financial advisor or a representative of an agent or advisor (e.g., "runner").