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Lake Erie

Lake Erie College Athletics Licensing

The mission of Lake Erie College's Athletics Licensing program is to protect and promote the Storm Athletic brand and to ensure the public can properly identify and associate the College's name and logos with officially licensed products bearing the College's athletic marks.

These marks are to be used only for materials associated with the Lake Erie College Department of Athletics and its teams. 

This site includes information for those who wish to use the Lake Erie College Storm marks or become a licensee of Lake Erie College. It will detail the functions and policies of Lake Erie's licensing program and explain the licensing process. The policies stated represent official Department of Athletics policy and must be followed when using Storm Athletic marks.

The licensing program is a resource for all members of the Lake Erie College community and the vendors who work with the College and was designed to ensure consistent and appropriate use of Lake Erie's visual athletics identity. Additionally, the program enables Lake Erie College Athletics to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of these trademarks.

Please review the Department of Athletics Brand and Graphics Guidelines for more specific information regarding use guidelines.

All Lake Erie College Athletic trademarks are the property of Lake Erie College.

Lake Erie has contracted with Stratetig Marketing Affiliates ("SMA") tp help manage the licensing program. SMA works as an intermediary for Storm Athletics, working directly with manufacturers and retailers.

In order to produce products bearing the marks of Lake Erie College Athletics, manufacturers and vendors must be a licensee of Lake Erie College. For more information on becoming a Lake Erie Licensee or on the services SMA provides, including a copy of the application, visit Strategic Marketing Affiliates.